Imaginative pop music from Oakland, California.

“IN TRANSIT”  by La Dee Da

Filmed by Riki Feldmann. Starring Emily Goldface and La Dee Da. Read lyrics here.

La Dee Da and Jet Black Pearl at the Lost Church, 22nd March 2017

Ooo, a New Year

Welp, we’ve made it to 2017. Did you eat enough cookies this holiday season? Hug enough friends? – No, me neither! – We must keep the cookies and the hugs flowing. We must be ready to take to the streets if need be, to foist our embraces and our baked goods upon strangers. For though the winding vine of tragic events and the foreboding political future threatens to strangle us, Inspiration wells up inside simultaneously. Already our tragedies are balanced with the welcome of new little lives to our communities. Buds of creative outburst glow on our limbs like flowers. Today we paraded our neighborhood decked in tinsel from rejected Christmas trees. Bursts of howling song flowed freely from our lips. Songs have been brewing and spewing out in one breath, each a fresh, surprised volcano. Am I deserving? Dialed in? Disciplined? Of course not! And yet somehow the compass has been reset. Priorities seem more obvious. “Live the life you love, love the life you live,” said Bob Marley. Cheers to 2017, to a year of expression and rejuvenation. May the natural world continue to astound and inspire. May we stand stonger and more dedicated as protectors of our earth and of eachother, and May the joy of creativity heal us. Happy New Year, Friends! See you at the next beautiful event. See you in the streets.    <3 Rosie 😻


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Rosie Steffy – Wurlitzer piano and vocals
Aaron Handler – bass
Fletch – drums
Rebecca Kleinmann – flute
Lewis Patzner – cello


Rosie Steffy originally put the name La Dee Da to use when she began composing unique pop songs on piano in her late teens. The current cast of band members trickled in over many years. Read More...

“A Day in the Park”, La Dee Da’s debut album, was recorded to tape by Greg Ashley at Creamery Studio in Oakland, California and released on vinyl and cassette in autumn of 2013. (Non-analog fans have no worries – it’s also available in digital form.)            Buy the Album


All photos by Riki Feldmann

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