New Album UNDER WEATHER out Soon!

But first we must Tour Alaska…

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August 2018 : Lordy Loo, we’ve just about finished mixing our new album! (That means you get to hear it soon so keep your bananas peeled.) Next up: September Alaska Tour, Whoop Whoop!  Meanwhile, just to keep things interesting Rosie will be on tour in Europe with her other band Penny Opry for the rest of August, follow her instagram if you want to see adventure pics. Please sign up for monthly emails (form below) so we can invite you to the next bangin’ party… Not that we recommend partying all the time, but sometimes you just gotta hug friends and hear good jams. Good luck with the muck! May the mire inspire. LOVE, LA DEE DA



Fri, 09/14
7:30 PM
La Dee Da & SUPER SATURATED SUGAR STRINGS @ Koot’s (details)
Chilkoot Charlie’s, Anchorage AK (map)
Sat, 09/15
8:00 PM
La Dee Da & Jack Bennett (details)
UAF Pub, Fairbanks AK (map)
Sun, 09/16
5:00 PM
FBX House Party (details)



Rosie Steffy – Wurlitzer piano and vocals
Aaron Handler – bass
Fletch – drums

“Totally unique. My favorite band in Oakland.” -Jude 

“The new (unreleased) album is nice, it’s about as long as my attention span for my haircut”-Captain Shirt

Here’s our backstory for the truly curious.

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All photos by Riki Feldmann


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