Imaginative pop music from Oakland, California.

“IN TRANSIT”  by La Dee Da

Filmed by Riki Feldmann. Starring Emily Goldface and La Dee Da. Read lyrics here.

Hello friend! Thanks for checking out the La Dee Da website; we hope our tunes can take you away from the maelstrom of worries that is burbling in the minds of most sentient beings at the moment. I for one feel lucky to be alive right now, and to still have access to the resources necessary to pursue artistic goals. Sheesh, I am a spoiled bean! I hope that you are too. Please sign up for emails or find me on the ol’ instagram if you want to hear about live music from La Dee Da in the near future. May creativity free our minds!
   <3 Rosie 😻


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Rosie Steffy – Wurlitzer piano and vocals
Aaron Handler – bass
Fletch – drums
Rebecca Kleinmann – flute
Lewis Patzner – cello


Rosie Steffy originally put the name La Dee Da to use when she began composing unique pop songs on piano in her late teens. The current cast of band members trickled in over many years. Read More...

“A Day in the Park”, La Dee Da’s debut album, was recorded to tape by Greg Ashley at Creamery Studio in Oakland, California and released on vinyl and cassette in autumn of 2013. (Non-analog fans have no worries – it’s also available in digital form.)            Buy the Album


All photos by Riki Feldmann

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